Buyback and Brokering in Farmington Hills, MI

EOS utilizes our nationwide network of office furniture dealers and brokers to maximize your office furniture sale.  We buy large inventories of all kinds of office furniture, including cubicles, desks, chairs, file cabinets, and tables.  If we cannot purchase your office furniture for our stock, we can broker your furniture to one of the many worldwide dealers and brokers that we work with on a regular basis. 

EOS decommissions thousands of office furniture components on a yearly basis.  Keeping these items out of landfills is very important to our company.  We typically provide a blended solution for decommissions.  Some items are scrapped/recycled, some items are re-sold, and some items are reused within our refurbishing process.  We try to keep all items out of landfills as much as possible.   This is just part of our commitment to environmental consciousness.