Office Furniture Rental in Metro Detroit, MI

EOS rents office furniture to companies of all sizes.  Rental furniture can include cubicles, desks, file cabinets, tables, chairs, and all other office furniture items. 

Companies that need office furniture for a short period of time should certainly take advantage of our rental program.  We have provided office furniture rentals for the following applications:

  • Temporary furniture during construction.
  • Temporary furniture during restoration projects (floods/fires).
  • Temporary furniture inside of construction trailers. 
  • Short-term call-center locations. 
  • Start-up companies / New location experiments. 
  • Emergency government offices.
  • International companies with short-term U.S. office locations.

EOS requires a 3-month minimum for all rental projects. 

Rental furniture encompasses high quality pre-owned office furniture.   All components are cleaned and prepped just like a standard purchase.  Our installation crew will deliver and install the furniture as required by the space-plan.  At the end of the rental period, the furniture is professionally disassembled and removed.   Companies can extend the rental period, as needed.